Beautiful, healthy, Montana-grown native trees are the specialty of Clarks Fork Tree Farm. Our native trees and shrubs are genetically adapted to our region’s landscape with its variable and unpredictable climate, soil requirements, temperature extremes and elevations. Started from seedlings, these trees are conditioned to Montana's seasons and have thrived in the soil and the climate near Red Lodge, Montana.

Successful landscaping begins with an understanding and appreciation for native species. Native plants have a much higher level of survival and success, and often require less water and attention once they are established in a proper site. And, our native trees and plants attract our native animals offering preferred food, shelter, and resting places. Planting Montana native trees also inspires a sense of place and connects us to this beautiful land of prairies and mountains.



We are pleased here to share photos and information regarding our Montana-grown native trees, provide some educational gardening assistance, and tell you a little about our family business. The bottom line is that you need to visit our tree farm. There is no substitute for walking outside among the trees, smelling the Austrian Pine in the sun, listening to the Aspen quaking in the breeze, and seeing the dense white blossoms of the Ornamental Crabapple in bloom. Then,
you can truly experience what our trees would add to your landscape.

We especially would like to draw your attention to our Featured Trees: Narrowleaf Cottonwood, Aspen, ans Austrian Pine –
we have a number of these trees, large and full, that are perfect for the new landscape or the established yard.

And learn about our other prime Montana trees, which include Colorado Spruce, Cottonless Cottonwood, Canadian Reds, Crabapple, and Canadian Red Choke Cherry trees and bushes.

We look forward to sharing ideas and hearing from you regarding your landscaping needs. Please visit our tree farm at 
40 Schwend Rd, Bridger.
If you have questions, please give us a call at 406-591-2233.


Transplant, move, & remove trees of any size.